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October 18
Tellus 360
24 E. King St
Lancaster, PA

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From the shallows of Lititz Run to the banks of the Susquehanna, to the shores of the Chesapeake, to the depths of the Atlantic: conserving, protecting and restoring our cold water resources

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Lancaster Conservancy recently hosted a "BioBlitz" on Steinman's Run in southern Lancaster County. Here are a few photos of the Electro-fishing part of that event.

  • Electro-fishing Steinman Run 1
    Electro-fishing Steinman Run
  • Electro-fishing Steinman Run 2
    Love the Brookies
  • Electro-fishing Steinman Run 3
    Spawning color
  • Electro-fishing Steinman Run 4
    The team. Photos courtesy Lydia Martin.

In the summer of 1967, a handful of conservationists met to form a local chapter of Trout Unlimited. Two years later, the Donegal Chapter officially became the 7th Pennsylvania chapter.

Our mission was simple:

  • Obtain regulated fly fishing areas on the Donegal Spring and Octorara creeks.
  • Introduce students to fly fishing through schools and by conducting classes.

Today, the Donegal Chapter works with the same mission as we protect and enhance our cold water resources. Our seven-member group has grown to over seven hundred, and our annual spending has increased from $350 to almost $500,000. The Donegal Creek has been restored, and the Lititz Run has been completed and is being maintained. We have worked to restore portions of over 14 streams in Lancaster County since 2004 alone, and now sponsor 14 Trout In the Classroom projects in county schools.

We're looking forward to continuing our mission — restoring more streams, educating more students, and yes, fishing too. We often wonder if the seven original volunteers imagined such an active and vibrant chapter. We thank them for getting us started, and we invite you to join us – making our environment cleaner, better — one stream at a time.