Upcoming Events

April Meeting

Date: April 16
Time: 7 pm
Place: Farm & Home Center, Lancaster

The April Meeting will turn to saltwater fly fishing, as Bob Wyble & Bill Schotta will highlight a trip on Bill' s boat to Harker's Island, North Carolina in October 2013. Bob produced a 22 minute video which features a 21-pound albie caught on a 10 wt. by Terry Zeiders. It includes Captain Bill Schotta landing numerous albies and Bob Wyble fighting a 16 lb. albie. The action includes a shark chasing Bob's albie, and Bob dashing from side to side around on the deck trying to stay with the albie and not break his fly rod.

albie grip and grin

False Albacore are commonly called Little Tunny but they are not in the same genus as Albacore and other tuna. Some authorities say they are a tribal relation to tuna. Albies are not edible and were once considered trash fish. They happen to be an ideal fish for the fly rod. A big one will challenge a 10 wt and the angler. When hooked they can run up to 40 miles an hour and pull off 50 - 80 yards of backing in seconds. They are real knuckle busters if you do not get your hands out of the way of the rapidly spinning reel handle.

Ladies', Daughters, Granddaughters Breakfast

Date: April 26
Time: 8:30 - 12:30
Place: Millport Conservancy

DTU will host its Third Coldwater Conservation Breakfast for the Women of Lancaster County on Saturday morning, April 26. Topics include an overview of DTU's conservation work in the County, Fly Tying Demonstrations and an Introduction to Fly Casting. Breakfast will be supplied by Lancaster County Technical Center. There is no charge for this event but registration deadline is March 29. Minimum age of 12 years, please. Fly rods will be supplied by the Chapter.

If interested in participating, please contact Faye Haering .

Here's a copy of the flyer.

Fly On The Run

Date: May 14 & 15
Place: LCCTC Mount Joy Campus & Millport Conservancy

The 8th Annual Fly on the Run will take place on Lititz Run this May. Further information can be found on the LCCTC website. Registration forms and sponsorship forms are also available. DTU will be supplying streamside guides for the event on Thursday the 15th.

Rivers Camp

Date: June 15 - 20
Place: Allenberry Resort, Boiling Springs, PA

The 20th Annual Rivers Camp, sponsored by the Cumberland Valley Chapter of TU, will run the week of June 15 - 20. DTU is once again soliciting applications from eligible youths, ages 14 - 17. DTU will cover tuition, room & board for youths who apply through our chapter. This is an outstanding opportunity to introduce youngsters to the principles behind stream conservation. A brochure describing the camp along with application forms are available below, but please note the deadline for early application is March 12 and DTU will only sponsor applications submitted to us rather than the Camp address.

Rivers Camp Brochure

Application Form

Application Form

Email completed form and essay to Jim Wellendorf

Foxchase Fish & Golf Tourney

Date: June 16
Time: 5:30 am
Place: Foxchase Golf Course

Save the date, our annual Fish & Golf Tournament will be held June 16 this year. Further details are in this entry form.